Getting That Dream Job Now Becomes Easy With Our Job Interview Coaching

Getting a job is not easy, irrespective of whether the economy is doing well or not. Employers look to hire the best , both from the standpoint of aptitude as well as attitude. It is important that one breaks up the process of getting a job into two parts.

The first one focuses on making sure that one is called for the interview. This is not easy as your resume has to attract attention for all the right reasons.

The second one is making sure that you perform the interview well. There could be just one or multiple rounds of interview.

  • What can we do for you?

    You may or may not have an interview lined up, we can help. We look at your resume, position as well as organization that you will be interviewing with (if you have an interview lined up) and coach you so that you can put in your best foot forward. You can get coached even if you are not planning to move from your current job. In these uncertain times it is important that you be prepared for any eventuality. In many cases, even moving internally involves an interview with the prospective new manager. It pays to be prepared all the time. You can always know where you stand and come out of your comfort zone. Calibrate yourself to the market outside; it will only help you both in the short as well as the long run.

    Who will be your coach?

    Your Coach will be a Senior Professional with extensive corporate experience in interviewing and selecting candidates for various Positions and Companies. We look at your CV, Position, Industry and the Organization that you are interviewing with and design a customized MOCK interview that prepares you well for the REAL interview. Even if you do not have an interview coming up in the near future, you will come away with the confidence to face a real one in the future. You have the opportunity to speak with your coach about all your concerns and questions - this is all about YOU!

    At the end of the interview, we will be sending a detailed critique including suggestions and the recommended improvement steps.

    We work from Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM. The coach will call your preferred number at the agreed time slot and organise either a skype/telephonic or face to face MOCK interview. The Coaching process will last approximately for 30 minutes. The first 20 minutes will be the MOCK interview and the remaining time will be spent on coaching and reviewing the performance.

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