Payroll Management System

We offer outsourcing services to organizations for their payroll processing. Our solution can be customized to suit the requirements of the organization for complete payroll processing; an integrated and comprehensive Payroll Management Solution that contains Pay Accounting and Compliances management features needed by all businesses.

Our Solution
In our Payroll Outsourcing model, data inputs from the corporate are collected, payroll is processed at our end and all statutory & non-statutory compliances are met.


  1. Salary structure : We will be providing salary structure according to Grade-wise  / Employee-wise as per our client needs.
  1. Payment advice :  Payment advice will be generated. Letter would be forwarded to the bank.
  1. Salary Slip : Once the client give the approval of salary computation we will prepare the salary slip as per clients requirement. Generally salary slips depicting all break-up components, deductions and net payable amount. The salary slip will be generated every month on individual basis and as per client’s desire we will be sending the detail to particular department. 
  1. Leave management: Leave status based on grades and different types of leave as per company’s policy will be provided. Monthly increment of leave based on pro-rata basis of days present. Automatic leave balance calculation with carry forward to next year subject to maximum carry forward can be provided. Leave history, Balance leave report will be provided. Leave encashment details will be given at the end of the financial year.
  1. Bonus  Calculation:  We would provide detail of  of bonus, incentives and reimbursement calculation as and when the company’s requirement will be there.
  1. Loan management : Depend on the company’s policies we will manage all kinds and names of  loans given to employees. Automatic interest calculation based on predefined criteria’s as given by the company , Auto/manual deduction from pay-slip till full recovery of loan. Month-wise Breakup Report for installments deducted. Perks to be calculated on subsidized interest of Loans.
  1. Reimbursable Management : Accounting for any type of reimbursement with limits set on grades/employees. Policy based definable payment option and also directly linked to tax module to calculate accurate tax liability.
  1. Reconciliation of payroll: Every month we will be submitting Salary reconciliation statement with breakup to the concern department.
  1. Statutory payment: Statutory payments details like PAYE, NSSF AND NHIF all details will be provided to the accounts department within the stipulated period.  
  1. Full & Final settlement : Calculation of projected or actual full & final settlement of employee will be submitted as per the cliental requirement.
  1. Statutory Report :  We would be preparing Monthly, quarterly and Yearly reports as required under statutes or otherwise.
  1. Gratuity : We would be providing  all the computation related  to  gratuity.

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